Site Specific Leadership
              Improving and Enhancing Community Life
Custom-designed leadership training
for Association Directors and Managers
Site Specific Leadership Training
WHAT:  In today's challenging economy, governing boards and associations increasingly confront problems that affect their community’s safety, security and management. Successful boards learn to overcome the issues that continually occur in community association management with cohesion even though they govern with different styles, experience and commitment.
We provide custom-designed leadership workshops intended to exclusively help those Association Boards operate with greater skill, cohesion and proficiency in managing their communities to thrive and flourish.

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A viable and thriving HOA has a team of directors with
people skills, flexibility, access to legacy knowledge, street smarts and a set of standards to cope with the challenges of governing  a private community.
  • You've Been Elected! Now what?
  • Do's & Don't's of Decision  Making

All the tools and instruments available to a surgeon in an operating room, won't save the patient,without the skills to operate.  Learn the skills and the tools will present themselves.

Contact us for a health check of your HOA.  We will diagnose the problems and prescribe solutions.
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Essential Tips of HOA Leadership:
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